Protesting Vegetables

Protesting Vegetables

Went off to the bathroom and returned to find this left on the table.

2016-01-29 18.21.10

Woo Woo (9Yrs) was done with his peas and corn.

23 responses to “Protesting Vegetables

    • Yes Ardys. Me too. Although it’s not ideal he started with taking a stand on his vegetables, I trust he’s well on the way to a healthy habit of ‘self advocacy’. *Insert crying laughs icon here*

    • Hahaha! Same Dan. I try to serve or family smaller portions than I had as a child, because we had to eat everything off our plates before we left the table. That developed into me sometimes over eating as an adult – as in eating after I knew I was full.

      He was there for about 10 minutes after everyone had left the table. He got through most of them, and I he and I had a chuckle at the note which, for his character was not in defiance and very unexpected. lol

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