8 in 8 in 8

Feeling incredibly for my cousin Lindell and her husband Craig, who is undertaking 8 Ironmans in 8 days around Australia #8in8in8 to raise money for disabled children in wheelchairs.

With little sleep for either of them and incredible resilience, they continue on. Today Craig is in Sydney undertaking his 6th Ironman Triathlon in 6 days.

SIX in SIX Days.

If you have a moment, please visit the fundraisers Facebook page and provide words of encouragement!

Craig and Lindell

It’s an amazing feat to even get through one of these for any given person, but to undertake 8 of them in 8 days to raise money for children in wheelchairs via the John Maclean Foundation – Wow. ‪#‎NoWords‬.

If you can afford it & would like to donate to the John Maclean Foundation via craig, please visit;


Go Craig! (& Lindell) We’re all thinking of you!


**Renowned as one of the world’s toughest endurance events, the “Iron distance” triathlon comprises a 3.8k swim, 180.2k bike ride and 42.2k run. For most athletes, a single Ironman event is considered a major life achievement. Only a handful have ever attempted to complete multiple races over consecutive days.

While the 8in8in8 will be an incredible athletic feat, it also presents an enormous logistical challenge. Craig is currently designing the 8 courses he will cover in each state/territory, as well as co-ordinating flights to ensure he has sufficient time to complete each event, eat, recover, and prepare for the next day.


9 responses to “8 in 8 in 8

    • Thanks Dan! He’s on Triathlon no 7 right now. Not long to the end now. He has been in alot of pain and only had 3 hours sleep last night. 😦 and absolutely none the night before.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment David! Lovely to see you again. He is doing an amazing job! So proud of him.

      He is almost finished Day 6 and will get some decent sleep to go again tomorrow. 6 down. 2 to go!


    • SO wonderful to hear from you Michael! I am doing really well, thanks x. Hoping the same goes for you and yours!

      Thanks for your kind words! Even if you left a message on his page providing encouragement, I know they would really appreciate it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂


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