Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks very much to the following blogging buddies who provided assistance in my last post; Help!

Joseph of The Old Liberal
Ali of Draliman on Life 
David of Barset Shire Diaries
A Ruined Life
Yellow Cable of A Little bit of Wriggle Room
Dan of No Facilities
Bradley of Green Embers
David of Writerly Wramblings

also…  HUGE thanks to my bestie, Joost aka Jeliaud who’s a total techhead & let me massacre an old puter to rip out his DVDR.

Although I seemed calm,

inside I was bouncing around like a fruit bat munched mango.

I feared loosing 460GIG of data.

I took it to the data retrieval people. They called me on Saturday and said.

‘Good news. It’s NOT your Drive, and that’ll be $75 bucks.’

I almost cried with relief.

It was a rather interesting breed of Windows boot issue.

Disk Repair is fabulous. So is Seagate backup, when you actually, back up.

Back to Electric Dreams now!


26 responses to “Thank you!

    • We don’t have Summer here in the Northern Territory – Only Wet & Dry. The Dry Season was great – always lovely to have some cooler weather. Holidays are great. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      Cheers, Lou

    • Thanks David 😊 The cost could have been heaps more than the $75 quotation fee. Turns out everything that was wrong, I could fix myself 🙂

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