SoCS – A word starting with P


Last year, I changed the way we eat to Organic High (Healthy) Fat & Low Carb.

I had sugar withdrawals for a while, but the worst of them was over within about 4-5 days.

I reverted back to sugar munching habits, especially over the Christmas Holidays. Canola Oils, Pasta, Bread (Full Grain), Cake, Taco’s, Wraps, the occasional soft drink. Ugh.

Those foods cause inflammation in our bodies.

Inflammation = pain.

I started waking with sore joints. My elbow was so bad, I couldn’t use the vacuum cleaner or brush my teeth. (phheewy)

I kicked the sugar (carbs, corn based stuff, fruit juice) last Monday and have eaten about a kilogram in full fat organic butter.

The pain’s gone now.

10 years ago, I’d never have guessed (or cared) how much what I ate affected my body.

My LCHF journey started with Christine Cronau.

This post is part of #JusJoJan & SoCS coordinated by Linda.


12 responses to “SoCS – A word starting with P

  1. Soooo addictive. I cut way back, too…and also noticed an improvement in my chronic pain. I also started eating it again around the holidays…and am having a hard time stopping…

    • Thanks for dropping by Jamivee!

      I totally Sympathise! I can’t say I have ever had ‘Chronic Pain’ – Except for that time I broke my pelvis in 5 places and couldn’t walk for over 4 months. That was a doozy!

      If Chronic pain is like that constantly, I would be looking at just about anything to stop it!

      One of things I noticed, was that if I really upped the HIGH healthy fats – like (real) butter, Lamb rump (with fat on) and upped my intake of eggs, the sugar cravings started to go.

      Best of luck!


    • It’s very difficult. Like an addiction. One of the nasty tricks in food, is we’ve been told to eat everything low fat. So we go to the store, buy the low fat stuff, which has been bulked up with sugar. It is sugar that causes us to put on weight and suffer from inflammation (Pain), not healthy fats. Full cream milk and creams & cheeses from the milk of pastured cows (un-homenegised) are so good for our bodies – AND so filling too.

  2. I can completely understand this. Certain kinds of food I should avoid but it is difficult to break habit or craving for such. I am trying to avoid real sweet stuff but my afternoon craving for sweet is a little bit too much 🙂

    I am glad you are able to manage your pain!

  3. But but Miss Lou, who wants to vacuum? Joking aside, I am glad the pain has gone. I would much rather eat butter than drink soft drinks. I would find it hard to give up bread, though. Love that stuff.

    • IKR – re the vacuum lol!

      Same re the butter, Love the good stuff. Very tasty and so good for us.

      I used to love eating multi grain bread – no butter cause I always thought it was so bad for us DOH.

      Wotah, my eldest child is allergic to anything with gluten, egg or lactose, so we don’t eat it much in our house now.

      Have to admit, my mouth is watering thinking of a nice fat slice of break with a thick spread of butter dipped in gravy! *Crying Wailing*

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