Fast Service Post


Fast Service Post

Created to provide a place for OM to march, chant and make other unreasonable demands.

OM 1

OM 2

Of course, feel free to follow his example. 

All comments in this blog will be responded to more efficiently than the fast track line in an Irish Bar.

If you want food:

Irish menu for OM

And drinks….


And if your fork is dirty….

Stainless steel dishwasher

First this:


It starts off like this:

472201-beemer (1)

Then is made into this: (Kangaroo steak and Parsnip & Pear Mash)

Kangaroo Steak with Pear and Parsnip Mash

And then to help you swallow it and emotionally recover, you can have some more of these:


Raw Roo Kebabs. (weirdo):

raw roo kebabs

A comfy space to put your feet up WilderSoul? Certainly:

Fast Service Post Loungesuite

Bieber? *Blank Stares* Ofcourse, I can help with that:

Kangaroo’s, 29th July 2013 ( OM’s Request) – Could possibly need an intervention…


Goldfish, 29th July 2013 ( OM’s Request)


Mermaids, 29th July 2013 ( OM’s Request)


Beer Looking Apple Juice….


Providing some BIEBER Recovery

Ice pack

Of course, that’s probably not going to be enough, sooo….

Bieber Recovery Kit

All suffering compensation claims resulting from cruel and unusual punishment should be forwarded to:

Thank you.

133 responses to “Fast Service Post

    • *gasps* Wha…….!!?! *stares after you racing off with a fist full of chicken leg*

      *calls out* I’m calling the police!

      Also… I cooked that chicken and if you eat it you could end up in the emergency room!


      • #Awesomoungus Though I’m feeling frustrated that my witty (occasionally try hard) and sometimes intentionally goading comments on the OM page are not being responded to (by you anyway) 😛

    • I am doing wonderfully, Johnny. Just very busy 🙂 Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      I wonder if you would also love my anxiety driven rants about messy house on clean up day too? lol

      Miss Lou

  1. Now I’m really confused.

    You showed us some kangaroos, then how you can cook them and eat them, then how you can enjoy digesting the meal afterwards, but then you tease us with pictures of Sade, the goldfish and mermaids…

    So I’m wondering, how do you cook Sade, the goldfish and the mermaids?

    Or do you have such gastronomic posts waiting in the wings as it were?

      • I have been fine. I’ll not say ‘fine and dandy’ as that has implications I’d rather not make.

        Between class prep, hobbling on my hideously bloated left ankle and generally surviving, I’ve been having oodles of fun working on a short horror piece featuring a rather unimpressed dead cat.

        You know, the usual.

      • *giggling* Sounds like life is keeping you on yer toes, despite having a fat ankle!

        I imagine that cat wasn’t even unimpressed if it was dead!

      • As to the unimpressed dead cat, it died with an unimpressed look upon its face. That happens when one is mangled in a washing machine… I think I would be unimpressed as well. Perhaps we should start a poll! Q: Would being mangled inside a washing machine impress you?

      • LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! I’ll leave the mangled washing machine circumstance poll to you! lol… Poll Daddy is relatively easy to use, promise!. I will definitely vote if you post on it 😀

        Miss Lou

      • Poll Daddy loves mangled cat surveys! I’ll have to try it! As soon as I’ve cleared a few tasks out of my way, I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

      • No, not yet. A wee little heart attack and quintuple bypass got in the way.

        Yes, I know, excuses, excuses…

        Will do so as soon as recovered.


  2. Yeeahhhh…. that’s what I call a lounge. Plenny sociable!! I’m there right in front of the roaring fire! Nice music….. Is that still Sade?
    No ‘side dishes’ on the menu I notice 😉

  3. I’ll have a couple of those martinis just to set me up for packing to go away for several months. And then two more to have while the moving men are here and oh yes, perhaps just one for the road. Love your blog and thanks for dropping by mine. Coming back for more once I get over my martini induced haze/headache/hangover. Love the music very soothing – may have a little lie down now.

  4. Miss Lou – thanks for dropping by my blog, (crawling into comfy sofa by the fire and collapsing ignominiously) I am too tired to chat, or eat or drink… can I just flop here for the day? Got any good music? 🙂 I love your Fast Service Post! When I recover I’ll have a go at the What About You page. 🙂

    • *jumps up off the couch after falling asleep and passes you a cushion and pops on some Sade* – I hope that is your idea of good music.. lol I had a very interesting adventure getting it to auto play on this page *chuckles*

    • *jumps out of bed, dives my feet into my slippers and races into the fast track kitchen* Oh goodness… *hunts for fish tidbits* Uh Oh!!

      *deep fries the Camel and Porcupine Tidbits instead and hopes you don’t notice*

      *smothers them in ranch sauce and grabs a bottle of …. house wine that you can get drunk on after potential outrage at eating porcupine!*

    • Thanks so much for dropping by Lilith! *passes you over a shaken (not stirred) Martini!* I love the menu as well 🙂 I thought I better find something else, as everything I cook is labelled appropriately an X-File by anyone unfortunate enough to eat it!

      • Everyone in my extended family are fantabulous cookers, so I usually order in and claim it as my own if they come over for dinner.. lol

        I think they know, but are grateful to avoid the ER so say nothing.

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