Bacon Wrapped Green Beans and Brown Sugar

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans and Brown Sugar

Emotionally Blackmailed account of the life and death of Mr Green Bean

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Providing insight <—- That’s a link to the real recipe!

Green bean emotional blackmail



Green bean blog



Long Green Beans

Short Cut Bacon

Lactose Free Butter

1/2 Cup water

3 lengths of single Spaghetti Bucatini. (usually this would be Toothpicks. If you were organised.)

Raw/Brown Sugar



Chopping Boards (green for beans and red for bacon chopping)

An Oven (One that works and can go up to 190 degrees)

Baking dish

2 Plastic Containers (OCD) One for the beans and one for the half sliced bacon

X File Tester Reaction/s.

Stu: ‘Delicious’

Kotah Wotah: ‘Are they special, Can I eat them?’

Me: ‘Yes’

Kotah Wotah: ‘Yum. Can I have more? *looks into baking dish* ‘There’s not enough mum. What about my lunch tomorrow?!’

Woo Woo: ‘They’re Green. Are they poisonous?’

Me: ‘No’

Woo Woo: ‘Okay, they have bacon. Yup I’ll have one.’

Me: ‘Yay!’

Woo Woo: ‘I want more. Wheres the rest? Gutses!’

Getting it Done:

Get the chopping boards ready. One Red (Bacon) One Green (beans)

Wash beans then put 4 together at a time on the green chopping board. Chop off ends. Place in one of your spare plastic containers

Put in plastic container (I used round 1 litre decor with lid)

Add Lactose free butter, 1/2 cup of water and green beans. (water covers up to first layer of beans)

Put in microwave for 5 minutes with lid slightly raised on one edge.

Meanwhile, back on the red Chopping board….

Cut your Short Cut bacon in half

Put it in the other plastic container

Get beans out of the microwave and put them into their plastic container again. Put some of the butter/water mix into your baking dish and swish it around a little to make it non stick.

Lay out bacon, then put 4 or 5 green beans in the middle of the strip – across ways. Wrap bacon around it. Grab Spaghetti Bucatini length and snap off end, push through to hold it together, then place in baking dish

Repeat however many times to get rid of all your beans and bacon.

Sprinkle Raw sugar over all beans (to taste)

Place in oven until bacon is cooked.

Remove. (with oven mits not bare hands)

serve on pretty leaf shaped plate.

Accompanying Beverages:

Water and tropical fruit juice

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  1. I actually went back finally and read your conversation with my feminist fan on her page. Unfortunately I don’t think she is going to let me comment again. lol… I do appreciate the kind words though as always. -OM

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