Beef, Cheese and Bacon Pies

Beef, Cheese and Bacon Pies

Beef Cheese and Bacon Pies

Beef Cheese and Bacon Pies Finished


Puff Pastry Sheets with Canola Oil
Lean Beef Mince 1kg makes 24 of the ones you can see above
2 Onions – Chunky Chopped
Gluten Free Corn Flour
Gluten Free Beef Stock Powder, or Liquid
Bacon – Chunky Chopped too
Mozzarella Cheese, Grated
Spray Canola Oil/Butter to coat the pie tin in


Goggles (to protect your eyes during the chunky chop of onion)
Chopping Board
An Oven (One that works and can go up to 180 degrees)
Pie Baking Tray (I used a 12 hole muffin tray and made mini pies)
Pot (to cook your mince in)
Circle things to cut out pie bottoms and lids (I used a glass and Mini Glass Mixing bowl)
Fork (to press the lids of the pies to the bum side of the pies)

X File Tester Reaction/s.

Stu: ‘Delicious’

Kotah Wotah: ‘Are they special, Can I eat them?’
Me: ‘No’
Kotah:‘Why aren’t they special?’
Me: ‘They have Egg, Flour (gluten) and Milk in them’
Kotah: ‘What will happen if I eat them?’
Me: ‘You will get a fat face and chest pains’
Kotah: ‘Can Cammy eat them?’
Me: ‘Yes’

‘Those are poisonous.’

Woo Woo chimes in: ‘Those are poisonous.’
Me: Lovely
Woo Woo: ‘I’m not eating that’

Getting it Done:

Small amount of oil in pot.
Brown chunked onion and add mince
Cook until brown.
Stir in 2 Tablespoons of Stock, or about a cup and a half if you are using liquid (No idea really)>
Let simmer, then sprinkle cornflour (approx 1 Tbs) over mince and lid it, add desired amount of water to create sauce effect
Meanwhile… back at the kitchen bench:
Place your frozen Puffed pastry on the counter to thaw enough for it to be malleable.
Use your circle shaped items to cut your pie bottoms and tops (Is their official words and items for this? (Please let me know, that would be helpful)
Line Pie tray with Pie Bottoms. Fill them about 2/3rds with mince
Sprinkle with Mozzarella cheese.
Sprinkle bacon over the cheese
Add the lids
Press the lids into the bottoms with a fork.
Place them into the often and watch them.
Take them out when they are golden brown or the lids have risen up like the Tower of Pisa.

Accompanying Beverages:

Water, you wont need anymore salt or calories with this meal

NB: Don’t put salt in these like I did the first time. The bacon and stock already ads enough salt without additional required.

15 responses to “Beef, Cheese and Bacon Pies

  1. If this is an X-File, I want that implant now. You had me at pieeeee. And one thing I definitely miss having spent some time in Australia? Your ubiquitously delicious can-find-em-anywhere meat pie …! 🙂

    • Those particular pies were, to my surprise very popular and eaten relatively quickly!

      I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, apart from the fact I’ve hardly been here, it seems that I somehow missed this while trying to methodically go through and respond to every single comment left 🙂

      I also Love Meat Pies, the home baked ones especially, though can always go for a Mrs Macs Mushie and Beef one too 🙂



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