It’s 3am…


Sleep, I need you now.



23 responses to “It’s 3am…

  1. Hey ML, how are you? You may remember me as Being Spontaneous or Wise-N-Impulsive or ISpontein… Any faint retrieval of memory? 😀

  2. To borrow a quote from “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn “Sleep is like a cat … it will only come to you if you ignore it>” But then I was watching the first season of HBO’s “The Newsroom” on DVD and the character played by Jeff Daniels was suffering from insomnia and the doc told him he was simply eating too much bacon before going to bed. Ariana Huffington ( says she has does not go online or read at least an hour before she goes to bed. (I’ve tried it but I got bored …. really quickly.)

    • I think that exposure to technology might have something to do with it. I read somewhere that the ‘Blue Light’ stimulates. That doesn’t take away from the seperate issues that I’m accessing it to do work or study. I need to discipline myself or let something go so I’m not working into early morning hours! #GetItTogether lol

      Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  3. Watching the clock, picking up the phone from the bedside table, walking the halls, tossing and turning, thumping the pillow, brain on overdrive… I hear you. Hope you are able to catch up. I have to resort to an antihistamine Restavit, over the counter. Half a tablet to a full and none of the above. 💜

    • I hear ya, hearing me! It’s 12:30AM I got home from work 2 hours ago at 10:30PM and I am STILL not in bed sleeping after getting about 3 hours last last night… (double up of last on purpose)

      I’m THIS (pinches finger together closely) CLOSE to taking a Phenergan tablet…

    • Lovely to meet you Eilis Niamh – Thanks for your kind words, It wasn;t too hard once I got going, but if I don’t get some sleep soon, then it is going to be a nightmare tomorrow!

  4. That was me last night! I went to bed early because I have a big day today. Midnight rolled around. Then 1:00am. Then 2:30am. I think I slept from about 3-5 and then I was awake again! Ugh. I hope you managed to get more sleep than I did!

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