Pooper Scooping!

Pooper Scooping

This years ‘big ticket’ christmas present for the children.

$100 paid off a $483.50 layby they had to finish paying off themselves.


This has resulted in the children asking for jobs to do (as well as trying to negotiate their payments for those jobs).


I was anxious they’d be dissappointed it wasn’t given entirely & was prepared for tears.


BUT, they were really excited & extra happy (probably suprised they were getting any kind of console at all)


Yay! #ParentingWin

Our yard has never been so clear of dog poo with pooper scooper runs being worth $5!

31 responses to “Pooper Scooping!

  1. What a brilliant initiative… Might have to tell my roommate to set this up for me (they’d get nothing out of it, except for a clean house… But they’d also be out of money…)

  2. Love your winning ways, Miss Lou. I’d be broke if I had to pay your kids to poop scoop here. My dog is a little, big ‘sh,,,,er’. πŸ˜€ Happy New Year.

    • Yes, I have to say the children pretty much took care of cleaning just about everything after Christmas! I’ve hardly had to lift a finger.. lol

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Michael.


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