Introducing …. My future husband….

Introducing My Future Husband

Well, finally I’ve chosen the one.
I know it has taken a while, but as you all know.. this marriage stuff and the ‘right one’ is a serious business….
December 1st is to be the Big day of martimonial commitment if all goes according to my plan.. (and maybe his plan once I let him know about it)
That way I can have sex again before my 32nd Birthday… and hopefully he’ll be as witty as he is in his concerts.. I think I’d like to fall asleep smiling…
As soon as I can contact his agent, to contact him, we’ll have our first date and it’ll be on.
Ten dates later, we’ll be engaged.
Michael Buble’ Oh I love you!!

9 responses to “Introducing …. My future husband….

    • It’s November 13th 2010, My Birthday is 18 days away.
      Buble shacked up with someone else.
      Shemar is reportedly Gay – could explain the lack of response.
      The chances of me finding a husband and having sex before my 32nd Birthday are now pretty remote.

  1. Paul, I don\’t wile, and that my dear man, is a disgraceful suggestion! I\’d rather let him find his own way, and pray for his happiness. In the meantime I just found out Shemar Moore is single and looking… (has to be GAY – surely?!)

  2. Look, engagements don\’t always lead to marriage. You can use your feminine wiles and woo him from the other woman

  3. He\’s engaged!! *sighs* I should\’ve known right? Back to imagining the joys of everlasting spinsterdom.

  4. Whoa, momma! SLOW DOWN!! Get to know him first, that may take a few years before YOU pop & spring the question on him… 🙂 LOL!

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