Just Jot It January #1 – Crying


Watching ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ – crying during the car scene where Annie hears Sam and Jonah on the radio Β – Sam confesses that his deceased wife, Maggie –

‘Made everything beautiful’


What movies make you cry?

The Notebook is another one that does it to me every.single.time.

Part of Just Jot It January

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128 responses to “Just Jot It January #1 – Crying

  1. I cry at the same scene in Sleepless in Seattle. But then again, I cry at everything. I think I once cried during Wall-E when “It Only Takes a Moment” was playing and he was looking up at the stars with his sad little robot eyes. It really doesn’t take much for me.

  2. The movie that makes me cry EVERY TIME, even if i watch it twice a week is Secretly Greatly. It’s soooo damn sad! TT TT
    And another movie that makes me cry because the ending is so beautiful is Werwolf Boy.

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  4. Uh… There are a lot (!) movies that can make me cry. Even the happy inspiring ones, because they touch my soul. πŸ˜€ I love the acts of kindness, that gets me also. And I always get sad/mad when I watch tv documentaries about molested animals and animal abuse. Speaking of animals, I have cried my eyes out on the movie Hachiko…

    • Hachiko? *Adds to my list* I’ve never seen that one either!! I too love to watch great acts of kindness, and typically get so mad and upset about abuse of any kind…

      • Ditto. I must warn you: DO. NOT. watch Hachiko when on pms. Amazing thing about Hachi is that the story is real and in Japan (where Hachi is from) there stands a statue dedicated to this dog. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you!! I am about to resign the computer for the evening, but will be sure to get to the response tomorrow. I think I have about 10 to respond to. I always leave them until when I have a bit of time to spare as reading and responding properly does take time…. Thank you again, I love reading the responses.

      • I was at first like… the evening? It’s 12:30 here πŸ˜€ So I suppose you live in Australia or somewhere over there… I look forward to your reply πŸ™‚

      • Lol, I do, though have made my way into the office… So may well get to your interrogation much sooner than anticipated. πŸ™‚

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  7. wanted to add to the general list, although this is more of a bit than anything else. Shaun Of The Dead when Shauns Mum starts turning into a zombie had me choked up

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  9. A film called Truly, Madly Deeply got me in a big way. When the wife is trying to come to terms with the early death of hr husband and there is a scene in her counsellors office where she is trying to understand why. Gets me everytime. I find there are scenes in movies that move me. Its not necessarily the story but a moment where sometimes I find my breath is drawn in and I’m in awe of what just happened. Like in the Bourne Supremacy, i think it is where they are trying to find Jason Bourne and some one says ‘He’s made his first mistake.’ And Nikki Parsons who knows Bourne says ‘They don’t make mistakes.” And they ask well who is he taking his orders from? She says: “Scary scenario? He is.’ Gets me everytime. I find I cry in movies on a regular basis those are two I can recall vividly right now. Have a good day Lou.

    • I agree Michael – I also have those times when ‘parts’ of movies draw me in and I relate or really feel moved by that alone as opposed to entire movie as a whole..

      I love every single one of the Bourne movies including the most recent which starred Jeremy Renner (was that his name?) GREAT movies!

      I have not yet seen Truly,Madly, Deeply – but I will add it to my list and make sure I check it out!

      I have just got home from my night dispatch shift (I think this temporary fill in will last forever.. lol). I made everyone a yummy hot breakfast with fried tomatoes… and now.. when I think it is time to go to sleep, I have my second wind and am not tired.. *snorks*

      I am doing wonderful and I hope the same for you Michael!


      • ThanksLou I am well. Reading a great book called adelph. Otherwise chilling out today. Night shift must suck I guess but I suppose it pays the bill. Have a good day.

      • Sounds like you have a relaxing weekend planned?
        My night shift (graveyard) is not part of my regular work, but an add on that started for my Girlfriend who needed a supervisor to cover her shift on the weekends while she went to Nashville.

        What started out as a fill in every Friday and Saturday evening from 11pm through until 7am, has turned into a regular occurrence – and my gorgeous friend has applied for her residency after getting married…

        @ about $45 an hour, It’s a nice bit of pocket money eh.. lol ( I even got a pay rise the other day after passing my 6 month probation) #YayBananas

        Luckily it’s easy to do because I enjoy it, I get to work with the police, the general public and any number of people from various back rounds.. The other night a bus got swept off the road in a river after an onslaught of rain in the rural area. I got to chat to some Irish Fireman for 45 minutes!

        I found out about his whole family.. lol


      • Well it’s important to love your job Lou, my job used to be like that they paid me to go in everyday and play with the kids. Though they did expect good results in the end and thankfully I managed that.
        Is the night shift hard on the kids? Or they don’t miss you? I know some people love that shift.

      • It’s is only 2 nights a week – and I managed to very easily stay awake throughout the day and go to bed early when the children do – so weekends not hugely wasted.

        This morning we sat down and had breakfast together and did some Saturday morning chores.

        My regular work is the development and delivery of training packages (communication) and as a consultant I choose when to apply for tender or take up opportunities – so it is very flexible. Doing these night shifts means there is not too much pressure to do the other and I have time for study πŸ™‚ I’m doing Organisational Analysis through Stanford and some units in Children’s Development through the local University here in the Territory. πŸ™‚

      • I did some project management for a little while and dabble in QA. I directed a child care centre for a year as part of what was only supposed to a 6 week AG’s appointment *snorks*

        That was the HARDEST work I have ever done in my life and because it was a not for profit organisation the pay was not great!

        Funny how things go really.. In my mind people in those positions need to be paid so much more money – with the responsibility of ensuring little people are kept safe and are educated and ready for school – It’s a pretty tough gig, and staff are no where near as appreciated as they should be.

        I came out of that experience with a new found respect for Teachers and Early Childhood educators.

      • Yes early childhood is hard for me I think mind numbing but I was a HS teacher for a long time and I know my primary teacher friends work a lot harder than I ever did. But I suppose it’s all relative isn’t it. Many teachers would never dream of taking on my job which I found so enjoyable. And they paid me to do it.

      • I recall a blog you posted Michael on the beautiful send off that your students did for you recently.

        That speaks volumes of how wonderful you were at what you did!

        Being a High School teacher would never be an easy job – you are dealing with so many developing personalities, all of who are coming to the age where they are eager to present their independence and capabilities to take care of themselves.

        I really burnt out after the Director position. I took the children to Bali soon after I quit and got some rest.

        I can say with almost certainty, I will never ever work in Early Childhood ever again. With Legislation, Quality Assurance, Compliance, Parents, Children, Government, Staff and the Media to contend with, I almost had an emotional breakdown!

      • I can well understand what you mean. I once used to take a group to the Melbourne zoo. They were yr 10 age 15/16 and I would say once inside that they were to meet me in 2 hours at this point. Off they would go. Then I would turn around and there would be a primary school group, all lined up, name tags pinned onto their jumper and an adult for every four kids. They had those kids all day, it must have been full on for them. Me I got to wander round have a relaxing time knowing my kids would all turn up at the appointed time.
        I know the other day I was waiting to have a blood test and there was a child care place next to the pathology place and the young teachers running the program I thought you do this all day every day…..like a vicious circle…..at least in my job I had a lot of mental stimulation. I think I’m starting to sound like a snob. Better stop.

      • LOL – snob? Not all, those are the realities of working with little people of all ages and I for one have no issue what-so-ever sounding uppity by saying – never again – other than, of course with my own children, which is most certainly a labor of love and mostly – very enjoyable. After all I raised them and they mostly do what they know is the right thing to do!

      • I agree I had no issue with my own kids when they were little and like yours they were a delight. The idea of teaching them ALL day is terrifying. Then again I remember running some drama workshops for primary teachers who were horrified at the idea of teaching drama. I think for them drama has too many variables. I’d watch them argue over who was going to be the note taker…lol
        From what you’ve told me sounds like you are a good mum. Well done.

      • None of us are perfect, thank goodness, it’s our imperfections that are often are best features, why those who love us love us. I remember once a friend describing me as: I love him to bits but sometimes he gives me the shits.

      • Not at all. like you said we are all human and we also react to each other differently. Your friend who feels like you give him the shits could be well and truly entertained and amused by Ozzy whatever his name is.. I would personally be hard pressed not to wring his neck!. lol

      • Yes well as I said we are far from perfect, I think many people have wanted to wring MY neck at various times. But often it’s how you treat people that counts. I may well have given my friend the shits from time to time but I know she would be there for me if I needed her and me vice versa. I learnt in my final weeks of work that we make a far greater impact on people than we ever realise. That’s a lesson I have learned.

      • Perception eh.. perception…

        ALSO…. don’t forget that the more time you spend learning about someone the more likely you are to find those things that frustrate you at times…

        one of the reasons I really enjoy Gary Chapmans book – The 5 love languages – it discusses the idea that Love is a CHOICE – that even when you are feeling pissy and annoyed, you can still make that decision to act with love, even if you are not feeling ‘loving’

        Great book…


      • Ah so true Lou, sorry I don’t usually rhyme my comments.
        Love is always a choice just because you are annoyed by your lover doesn’t mean you don’t love him. I think many relationships are about levels of frustration that you experience and how you deal with that. When you live with someone you very quickly get to see the real them. They aren’t perfect, it turns out he’s far from your imagined bronzed ocker you thought he was going to be. But you see other qualities that outweigh all the faults. Some faults can be great conversation points. The choice is always acceptance or not. Treat me as I will treat you, provided if am treating you well.

      • He has – an entire collection of the Love Languages books. He is also Christian and I love the way this seems to influence the work he does.

        Sorry about the delay in response. Life took me hostage again!

  10. Fruitvale Station and 12 Years A Slave. Fruitvale Station is about a real 22-year-old Oscar Grant who got gunned down by a BART (bay area rapid transit) train cop in California, just when he was turning his life around. So. damn. sad. 12 Years A Slave is also a true story about Solomon Northup who’s a freeman that gets abducted & sold into slavery. This one has a more uplifting ending, at least!!

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  15. Finding Neverland. Actual waterfalls from my face. I handled it all really well til the end, where Barrie tells Peter to imagine his (now dead) mother, because she will always be in his imagination any time he wants to see her. And then Peter closes his eyes and says “I can see her”.

    I don’t usually cry at movies, but that was a proper “Wooah, where did all these feels come from?”

    • That’s another one I haven’t seen! *Adds to the list*

      Waterfalls sounds like serious business. Should I add a donation button to afford Kleenex Tissues?!

      • It’s the story of how Peter Pan came about, with Johnny Depp sporting a convincing Highlands accent (almost). And I think you may need to. Trying to explain death to kids, I mean camaaannn.

  16. Oh yes, Les Miserable. 8 Seconds. Funny story about it. Went to see it at the mall when it came out many moons ago. I was sobbing, I mean snot dripping, hyperventilating, sobbing, I could not stop. We left the theature and I was still a basket case. We ran into a friend from school. He saw my state and asked what was wrong…I gasped for air and stuttered out, “LLLLaaannee dddiiieeedd!!” He tried to remember who Lane was from school until my friends told him that we had just seen the movie. ~Hope

    • Oh!! I’ve never seen that movie – which is suprising because as a young girl and woman, all I wanted to do was make Johnny Depp fall in love with me and marry him so we could be together forever!

      I’ll add it to my list in TidBits of movies to watch!

  17. I am gonna be totally honest here, as a kid, the ending of “godzilla” made me cry (because all the little godzilla babies were dead “SPOILER”!!!!!)

    • I love that you are also a watcher of Greys!!

      YES Oh MY GOODNESS, I sobbed for about 30 minutes and it was my go to episode whenever I needed a good cry – that was until McSteamy and Lexi died in the plane crash – #CrimesAgainstViewingPublic

      I COULD NOT BELIEVE THEY DID THAT!! Essential characters and things just do not seem the same without them.

      I wish there was some huge undercover crossover with one of the Law & Order crime shows to say he went into witness protection… yagiyahayahayhahaha lol


      I’ve been watching Scandal – that’s a good one too!

  18. The end of The Natural, form the locker room scene to the very end on the farm. Gets me every time.
    And the end of Star Trek 2.

    (That’s a lot of tags you have on this one!)

    • Oh Noes another #Trekkie!! (My bestie and Housemate are #TrekkieNuts – talking that Trekkie language no semi normal person can possible understand!! lol

      I have not seen the End of the Natural – I will definitely add that one to my list.

      Tags – I know. I think there are more Tag words than actual words in the post. *snorks*

    • I’ve never seen that one! I’ll have to check it out!

      Ohhhh that just gave me a great idea for my TidBits section!

      Thanks so much for dropping by!


  19. I’m a weepy sort, so lots of movies make me cry. “Les Miserables” certainly reduced me to tears.

    I’m so weepy that I try to avoid movies that will set me off.

    • Me too. I cry during every episode of Greys Anatomy. Sometimes if I am feeling stressed out and want an excuse to cry, I’ll watch the best sappy episodes.

      ‘Les Miserables’ was certainly a tear jerking affair! I howled during that one too. So desperately sad, yet beautiful!


  20. O I know that part of the movie. Moves me to ugly cry damn near every time. You should have seen me watching Forrest Gump he other night. I didn’t fast forward through commercials towards the end because I needed time to re-group and get a hold of myself. PMS is blessing isn’t it?!

    I love this idea Linda. I’m headed your way to check out what it’s all about.

    • lol Dawn @ Forrest Gump.

      I’ve got that on my playlist for tonight if I don’t pass out from shear exhaustion of having children home all day,every.single.day for the school holidays!



      • I barely made it out of holiday vacation alive. My husband decided that would be a great week to take off from work and then when the kids were supposed to go back to school, Mother Nature dropped not one but two bone-chilling cold, snow storms on us and the kids ended up having THREE snow days. It was …well… awesome. The kind of awesome I can’t handle again until Spring Break.

      • *trying hard to stiffle a giggle*

        We just got through 10 days of straight rain. No option to gently navigate the kids outside so I could lock the doors and collapse in my closet for time out.


      • Almost? nuts. I would have been completely out of my mind. Although that’s kind of what it’s like from Dec-March in Upstate NY. It’s a bit awful. We’re all kinda roaming around searching for anti-depressants and warmth at this point.

    • lol, Pretty painful (feeling pathetic right now)

      You’re welcome – Thanks so much for hosting.

      Such an awesome idea, and this way I can just write random anythings without feeling pressure to write the perfect post.

      As it is, I only post about once a month, so maybe I can get say… 10 done this month participating!!


      Thank you again!


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