JusJoJuly #11 – Sleepbot



I’m already in debt 5.4 hours after only using it for 2 days.


Anyone else use it, what are your experiences?

This is part of Just Jot It July 

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37 responses to “JusJoJuly #11 – Sleepbot

  1. You better get some sleep.. Pretend you are a cat in a warm windowzzzzzzz sorry dozed off.

      • They got cats where you are.. I mean regular cats.. Not a poisonous cat or a marsupial cat or a cat that hunts people done…?:) it’s 8pm here on a Saturday evening in my company truck

      • Yeah I know but everything there seems to be poisonous or is dangerous… Well good you got some Zzzzzz’s

      • Right.. lol

        Those programs are so dramatic. I think if we look at the statistics, death by dangerous critter, poisonous reptile, or shark munching is very low.

        Yes, we do have them, but I would strongly suspect death by mosquito is more common than any other animal…

      • Yeah but watching a great shark or a brown snake is more entertaining… The wild life here are much more gentle…but being this is America if they aren’t we just make them extinct… Time check:)

  2. I’m intrigued, I must say. To be at my best, I need to sleep about 10 hours a night. I’m usually right about where you are. I don’t think the bot would help! lol

  3. Hmm, I will go by how long one should sleep. I believe it varies from a person to the person. If you feel fine then I would not be too worried. Having said that, I just heard on the radio the other day about how long people need to sleep otherwise they can get ill very easily. It was supposed to be a study from UK. They said, number of hours should be between 6 to 7 hours each night. More and less from the range are not good.

    • I agree, every person is different and so it makes sense that each would have different sleep requirements.

      My own experiences definitely support that study. I find that if I go for long periods of not getting enough sleep, then my immune system is definitely down in the dumps and I get coughs and sniffles and all sorts of bugs!!

    • #ThunderBrain

      What I am using as a guide regarding the hours I sleep is me pressing ‘Going to sleep’ when I lay my head down to go to sleep, and ‘Waking up’ when I wake up… lol

      So basically, I am getting less sleep than it states because it takes time to fall asleep and time for me to locate the phone to press ‘Waking Up’.

    • Honestly, recently (say the last year or 2) I have not slept eight hours a night, and I have struggled with feeling burnt out at times.

      Slightly addicted to being busy, I’ve got to be disciplined enough to say no to things and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

      When I do get 8 – 9 hours sleep each evening, I DO function better and feel better generally.

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