Just Jot It July #6 – Garfield


This is Garfield.

My recliner.


He is beautiful. I’ve fallen asleep with my legs strung over the side and my head cushioned against the back many times!

It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

Is there anywhere you find yourself falling asleep, that is not your bed?

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84 responses to “Just Jot It July #6 – Garfield

  1. You named your recliner after my favorite Garfield cartoon character by Jim Davis! Nice! Thanks for the follow Miss Lou and I am enjoying your blog! 🙂

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  7. I have a recliner, one that has a remote control. I love my recliner — yep, I’ve fallen asleep in it many times. The back lies all the way back. Earlier this year, when my asthma was really bad, I slept in it every night for about three weeks. So comfortable. A blankie and a pillow…ahhh, bliss.

    • A recliner with a remote? That is certainly a step up from my ‘Garfield’

      I too sleep in mine often. A recall a few months back when the entire family was down with the flu, and I found it much easier to breathe and sleep comfortably slightly elevated. Garfield became my Haven for about a week.

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  10. I am so glad I baited you with a Vulcan, so that I would come here and find this delightful little world you’ve created. I’m going to be back!

    And a recliner named Garfield tickles me all to bits!

    I used to be a car sleeper, but, since I’m usually the driver these days, and two of my three favorite humans are almost always in the car with me, and I’m the adult…well, I’ll let them sleep, and concentrate my energy on getting us there alive…

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by! Garfield rocks!

      Sleeping in the car either driving or not is not fun! One is downright dangerous.

      Happy to hear that is no longer of concern?


      • Nope, not a concern. But sometimes, in the midst of a long trip, I really wish I weren’t the one driving (and marrying a chef precludes him sharing in the weekend outings).

        And I agree! Garfield rocks!

      • 🙂 All very valid points..

        I really love long trips, though like you also wouldn’t mind a break every now and again.. lol

  11. I will join the fall asleep on space bar group. But if I had a Garfield, I wouldn’t have to collapse on the keyboard because I would never make it to the computer, nor to the ironing, laundry, washing line, stove……..Garfield would take over my life.

  12. Your recliner would make good company with Sally (I didn’t actually name it but for this response it works) I get back home late every night and crash out.. End up within her arms..

  13. I have the same story as davidprosser… around 2:30pm I often slump. head down at my desk. I may not have sent any aberrant emails, but I have had to towel drool off the odd paper document.

    Garfield looks absolutely inviting! I want one :-/

    • LOL @ your head on desk antics! Seems there are few who’s 2nd place of slumber is forehead to space bar.. lol

      Garfield is very inviting! I find it hard to stay away from him when I am at home #Irresistible

    • I eat enough Lasagna for Garfield and I, which is why I have to walk 3 km’s everyday.

      I asked Garfield if he hates Mondays. He hasn’t responded yet.

  14. It’s just possible, according to rumour that is, I may possibly just go to sleep in my office chair leaning over the keyboard. I refuse to confirm the rumour that an Australian friend sent me a message saying ” Uh What??????” After receiving a message from me that consisted of a few words interspersed with a lot of X’s and Z’s.
    Personally I think this new fangled Interweb thingy is responsible for bad editing.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • LOLOLOL David!! Is that keyboard imprints I can see on your forehead?! eh? Ehhhh?

      I wont tell if you don’t lol

      (I think I might have done that once or twice myself, though do try and avoid it, and no one likes walking around for 2 days with an imprint of the SPACE bar right across their forehead!)

      Miss Lou

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