Just Jot it July #1- I’m so Vain!

Just Jot it July #1 – I’m so Vain!

I like all of my own Facebook posts and comments, I favorite almost all of my own Twitter posts and I am almost always the first person to like my own blog posts.

Usually the only reason I won’t is because I forgot to.


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65 responses to “Just Jot it July #1- I’m so Vain!

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  13. Haha, no, although I accidentally ‘liked’ my post once and was traumatised at being so narcissistic! You’re terrible Muriel. 😉

    • Bwahahahahaha!

      I figure, there may well come a day when I need to self confidence boost – you know after so many months of neglecting my blog & bloggy pals; I will write a profound post and wont get a single like cause no one knows I exist.

      I’m practicing.

      Yes, You’re terrible Muriel!

      • Haha we will forgive you for your hiatus… I’m in awe of prolific bloggers and find blogging too regularly a big strain. I never post more than once a fortnight, and even that’s sometimes hard! 🙂

        Re the ‘like’ thing, I liken liking our own posts to the way I babble when I’m with an excessively quiet person – to fill up the awkward silences! 🙂

      • LOL Lee-Anne!! #LoveIt (re the awkward silences)

        I too find it a struggle at times. I’m trying to feel okay about not getting in here as much as I would like and just keep moving forward doing what I can!


  14. I like your posts because they are good! They aren’t pages long and they are to the point.. Funny and the serious.. Great writing:)

    • Thank you!! #MassiveGrins

      But what about your own posts? Do you like your own awesome posts?

      I like my own all the time – of course I also like others if I actually like them.. (if that makes sense)

      • I never press the like thing… It’s not about being full of myself… I just don’t:) How is the down under? What do you call us? Up over???

      • lol @ Up Over, no ‘Over yonder’ maybe… lol


        ‘That big place with too many people and unaffordable healthcare!’ (healthcare is usually the very first thing I think about when I consider whether or not living in the USA would ever be an option)

      • Do you have those drug commercials for diseases that are made up by the phramacuetical companies… Ask your doctor about XZcobtraba Z for low testosterone levels in 80 year old men… Or Balalta for sneezing

      • On commercial Television @ 4am perhaps!

        I don’t watch commercial television of any kind any more, nor do I have cable. I think Australia may have strict guidelines about how much of that business can be presented in our country.

      • Do you have like 400 channel of nothing there or it just up yonder? (Not you but the down under…

      • I think there are various cable subscriptions that have varying numbers of channels. I don’t think there are any in my local area that have 400 or even close to it. but to my knowledge locally there are services that have say.. 130 maybe?

        When I did have subscription TV, my favorites were Discovery channel and Animal Planet. Also I think there might of been one with crime related stuff. I liked that one too!

      • They have tons of programs about The Down Under… White Sharks, the Reefs, those brown snakes and weird spiders… Ayers Rock and desert… What do they show there? Just asking?

  15. Ha! Adorable! … but no, I don’t ever like my own posts. Sometimes rather than editing with after thoughts, I add the first comment to my own posts. 😉

    • That’s a really good idea! Re adding the first comment. I’m not sure if I have done that yet.

      Depending on my OCD meter I will often do edits, especially if it is a missing word typo or an incorrectly used consonant in a 2 letter word *grrr* lol

  16. Sometimes I do, usually I don’t. I actually scolded a blogger for proclaiming his disdain for people who liked their own stuff and how he would un-follow them. It’s so silly that people have come with some sort of bizarre social rules for silly buttons on the Internet. We all do things differently and it works for us, no need to put our sense of order on other people since they, of course, do things differently! And that is a good thing! 😀

    • Someone scolded someone for doing it? Sheesh I hope he doesn’t find his way into these parts! I cannot even begin to imagine how much his sensibilities would be offended.

      I wrote my posts, and my comments, and I tweet my tweets, of course I like them, or I wouldn’t have! lol


    • Yup – although sometimes I have written something I have felt unhappy about afterwards, if I can’t sort it out with edits, it usually wont stay!

      I’m not sure which is the minority right now, because votes are neck and neck… (all 8 of them)

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